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I thought long and hard about sharing these. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and believe you'll treat them with the utmost respect. Use at your own risk

Sandy Beach

Blueberries grow everywhere

N 47°57.335' W 084°51.208'
The absolute best camp sites I've discovered. Simply Put it has beautiful sand and a dunes restoration going on. A cell tower sits across the way, although my provider was really slow with data. The only possible complaint I could come up with. While it has only outhouses, it is on Lake Superior so Hygiene is no issue if you brave the frigid water as I do. While I was there the blueberries were ripe and everywhere, same with raspberries but due to the ecological restoration, you can't go deep for them. It's okay, they grow everywhere between there and Magpie Falls a local tourist stop that you have to see. I also found psychedelic mushrooms there and a beautiful white and pink spider at Magpie Falls, so it's worth a trip you could say. Part of the beach is Crown Land but from the locals, who came out to say hi, I gather the municipality and its citizens are actually encouraging people to stop in. I saw a hummingbird sipping Nectar and huge fish right in by the shore.

link to magpie falls

Batchawana Bay

A beautiful stop for a few days

N 46°56’14 W 84°32’10

A strip of crown land rests just between the provincial park and a piece of private property on the point. On some maps, it shows the highway right up to the edge of the lake, but it's not, there is a beautiful beach that continues between those two properties. The sand is soft and the water is beautiful, the only disadvantage is proximity to the highway, but you’d have the same problem in the park next door. This was my first week-long campsite, that’s how much I enjoyed this location. I’ve returned every year since. Also, note that the local families often visit and leave little messes so be prepared to do a little bit more and clean up more than what you bring since there is no garbage receptacle. No washroom facilities either, you need a shovel although a short drive or a long walk you can use the information centers amenities.

fourth sands beach

N 46°10'58.9" W 82°54'50.8"
Not very large but a beautiful hidden beach on crown land. The municipality has posted no overnight camping signs in the parking lot, it's your call if you choose to challenge their assumption of ownership, but I love it.  Located a short walk over some railroad tracks its a beautiful secluded beach with no facilities. One of the best thing about this beach is the sand bars, and at night there are some very odd looking nocturnal frogs I couldn't identify. Like Batchawana Bay the locals come by in the day and leave messes so, again, please be prepared to do a little more and clean up more than you brought. No washroom facilities so bring a shovel, but it is located a short distance from blind river, you do have access to amenities and a tim hortons.

shade trees frame this beach

Terrace Bay Beach

N 48°46'15.8" W 87°06'60.0"

While I've never camped over on this beach, I have hung out and even bathed here in September, it was freezing. The locals were in toques and mitts looking at me like i was crazy. There is over night camping allowed at this beach. Its beautiful, so I've included it. There is also Crown land at the river mouth behind the beach.

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