Free Camping on the great lakes


Currently editting a shitload of new content from 2020 for next summer
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CAMPING GRATUIT  DANS L'ONTARIO. Un site sur le camping gratuit, encampments, les endroits à visiter le long des Grands Lacs sur la Transcanadienne. Un différent sorte de voyage pour un différent sorte de voyageur.Une chance de regarder à l'intérieur de soi tout en regardant à l'extérieur sous un autre perspective. Une chance de bien vivre et de faire l'expérience de la vie en dehors des villes, à proximité de certaines des étendues d'eau les plus belles et les plus vierges du Canada. Une chance de sortir en plein air et de profiter du grand air.

Dormir à la Belle Etoile.


FREE CAMPING IN ONTARIO. A site about free camping, campsites, places to visit along the Great Lakes on the Trans Canada Highway. A different kind of journey for a different kind of traveller. A chance to look inside yourself while looking out from a different perspective. A chance to live well and experience life outside the cities next to some of canadas most beautiful and pristine bodies of water. A chance to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. be free.

Sleeping Under the Stars.


Another Web Page by Kaotic Kreations Art. A Canadian Business

Ryan Clark is unschooled in the use of paints and, without the use of models, creates vivid images ranging from the serene to the lascivious.

He has been drawing and creating vivid images as long as he could hold a pencil.  His Tattoos adorn the epidermis’ of hundreds of people, though in the past few years he has focused on custom pieces. For years his art has been peddled amongst his circle and decorates more than a few private collections. He has done sculpture and wood carving as well.

In his work Ryan practices raw creativity, often changing mediums and concepts all through out the artistic process.  The art is a therapeutic form of self expression and the time to practice…During a still occurring spiritual growth he is compelled to expand his life, and present himself to the world.

 I am a self taught artist who has dabbled in design, animation and tattooing. I have developed my work through application and as a result was admitted to OCAD and Seneca on the merits of my art.

'I am an artist because I am.' All my life I have associated a huge part of my personal identity with being an artist, and that is what the statement preceding this means.  It is inherent to who I am…

I don’t specialize in any one medium and throw them together as I see fit as the piece grows and develops. The work flows from a raw and physical studio practice, and I am just as surprised as anyone at the result.  I get up the next morning looking at them with fresh eyes and amaze myself often. My creativity is also raw.....flowing and the meaning often (though not always) reveals itself at a later time, or in relation to the production of a series of works.” -Ryan Clark

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