During my adventures I seek out the beautiful places, the shelters. the places i like to stop and enjoy a moment or weather a storm.  these are places I've stopped at again and again over the years

Serpent River Rapids

N 46°12'36" W 082°30'54"

First time I ever stopped here it was a sweltering day

and a family of locals was in swimming. I knew it was safe to swim in the rapids. Lots of wildlife to see, and people frequently fish off the rocks. Washrooms in the rest area and places to cook.

Magpie High Falls

N 47°57'34" W 084°49'42"

A beautiful place to stop in and relax. The falls are beautiful and the trails worth taking. I found such an assortment of fungi, and all the blue berries growing in the surrounding areas make this place a foragers dream. There is a washroom, benches and barbecues. The picnic area also has a structure to enjoy on a rainy day, making this a comfortable spot to stop and enjoy a storm.


Gatineau Parc

N 45°36'47" W 076°00'36"

A place i just love so i threw it in here. A stop on the Quebec side, just a short drive from the capital. Its worth visiting in the off season when its free and less regulations. I've been coming here since childhood and enjoy taking my kayak between the three beaches on Lac Philipe. I'm not even sure where to start, the trails, the water, the scenery... Its a must see in my opinion though its completely outside Ontario on the Trans Canada. A visit to nearby Wakefield is also a recommend.

Dyers Bay

N 45°12'43.8" W 81°17'46.5"

The unique flat rocks facing out onto the clear cool

waters of the Georgian Bay make walking into the water akin to walking down giant step into a beautiful pool of refreshing cold water. A lot of stone beaches you need to wear shoes into the water, not here. planning on hanging around for hours if you choose to make this a stop.

Bridal Veil Falls

N 45°54'03" W 082°15'20"

A beautiful swimming hole under a waterfall, and in

spite of all the people (maybe even because), its a spectacular stop. the cold water crashing into your traps and neck is an amazing de-stressor and so refreshing. you can walk up the river, its shallow, or you can wander the paths. Either way its definitely a place to visit once you hit Manitoulin Island.

Old Woman Bay

N 47°47'26" W 084°53'50"

An iconic piece of the Lake Superior landscape, its named for the shape of a rock formation. Its a large beach area with all the amenities and a great spot to get in a great workout. The beach is mixed sand and stone, and beautiful. If you ever get a chance to watch a storm roll in, you're in for a real treat. I can't tell you how many days I've spent on that piece of shore

Providence Bay

N 45°40'02" W 082°16'07"

White sand softly sliding between your toes sends shivers up your back. Probably one of the best beaches you'll ever see, but again the people don't add to the quality. In the on season you may want to visit one of Manitoulins other beaches, but post labour day it morphs into a whole new place.

Sauble Beach

N 44°37'52" W 081°16'16"

Sauble Beach is literally miles of soft white sand and beautiful to see. the water is clear and shallow for miles. You don't want to bother in the on season. No free parking anywhere, and huge signs full of rules that are only applicable by the season. The people don't add to the atmosphere. check out the the nearby Sauble Falls

Pointe des Chiens

N 46°28'26" W 084°31'22"

Located in Sault Ste Marie, this beach is laid out with sections divided by loose stone walls that I'd suppose were to stabilize the sands, but give you a sense of separation. Like it becomes your own personal piece of beach. Lots of space to enjoy.

Pancake Bay

N 46°58'05" W 084°41'11"

Right next door to batchawana bay its just a continuation of soft sand and the ridiculously clear cold waters. A beautiful spot to stop and spend time contemplating life and beauty.

Harmony Beach

N 46°50'45.5" w 84°22'26.8"

Just one of those roads I wrote about, harmony Beach Road. Tons of no over night camping signs but no one cares. My second night on the road alone the little point was my camping spot after i asked the locals. just a quaint little beach worth the stop although it is pretty built up the past few years, it holds a spot in my heart. personal to me, but its at the bottom of my list...

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