Red Rock Dam

N 46°18'53.3" W 83°17'21.6"

46.314817  -83.289329


46°19'10.3"N 83°17'05.0"W

46.319540, -83.284720

A stand alone in my collection, you need a boat to visit the actual campsite, there is no trail. There is camping right at the dam around a large sandy parking lot. I was originally going to do just that but changed my mind while out kayaking. It was fucking beautiful so I picked a spot and started shuttling over a few things at a time. I never brought over food and boated over to the car to eat; it just seemed like common sense. I built a beautiful site and when I left, I left the cleared beach, a step, a firepit and flattened surface for a tent. I plan on going back, but I also don't mind sharing. This is actually the lake that also inspired me to get my fishing licence and gear, so heads up any fishermen. I shared my corner of this man made lake with a mink. I originally thought ferret or weasel, I am from the city. Also had an angry red squirrel. Every campsite has the latter, but this guy would sit in my wood pile under the birch bark and watch me for half an hour at a pop and in the mornings I'd call out and within minutes he'd be above me cussing me out. Entertaining. I'd never seen a ring neck snake before either. This lake is teeming with life. Crazy storms there in 2020. ground shaking thunder and torrential rain.

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