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Free Camping & swimming on the north shore

The journey, not the arrival matters. –TS Eliot



Most people bomb down the Trans Canada on their way somewhere and barely glimpse what is so beautiful all around us…what if instead of going somewhere, that Highway was your destination.

Lao Tzu’s Tao of travel ‘a real traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.


When you talk candidly with other travellers, they all voluntarily share it with you, where they’re going, and ask your destination. I always seem to get a wry smile when I answer ‘right here’ and explain myself.

What if all those beautiful spots everyone drives through were your destination.

What if you had the balls to use them.

to be sleeping under the stars...


Before I even start to inspire you, I have some straightforward requests.

One is leaving places cleaner than when you arrived, clean up other people’s shit too. We all lose things as we go, therefore consider it pre-paying your debt.

Two is no plastic water bottles. I hate seeing them everywhere, even the most remote places, it's really fucking gross.

Three is if you do smoke dispose of your filters because for some absurd reason they’re still not made of degradable materials. I carry out every cigarette butt I smoke and ones I find already there.

If you’re like me and you admire the beautiful places, you’ll get it.


This Site is dedicated to Free Camping, Ontario Campsites,  guerrilla camping and Crown Land camping and I really hope you can appreciate everything I want to share.


© sleeping under the stars 2021

No Destination

Try to be considerate of other people, and I probably don’t have to remind you, but don’t let your good time ruin anybody else’ good time. Keep your voices and your music down as the evenings set in. Better yet invest in headphones. Don’t crowd people. Always try to pick up after yourself and others. If you can, leave campsites and other places better than you found them if they're already a mess when you get there. Behave respectfully to other campers, hikers and the locals. If you bring a dog with you, naturally, keep them controlled and clean up after it as well. Play carefully and respect the local wildlife. A key part of the respecting of local wildlife is to ensure your food is properly stored in your car or hung from a tree. Its better that animals are unhabituated to human food, so don’t start feeding them either. Try to prevent your presence from infringing on another persons enjoyment. Keep a first aid kit handy, be safe and stay hydrated. No one is perfect, and everything we do comes with a consequence, no matter how minimal or harmless it seems. The yin and yang of the universe, but the idea in a good life is to keep those consequences to a minimum. The same can be applied to camping…
And as a final thought; be kind to nature, each other and yourself. Live an extraordinary life. Live your best life and leave great stories for your wake.

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