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Outdoors and your well being

Scientific research shows that being in nature

is good for our mental and physical well-being.

What more compelling reason is there to head out into the great outdoors and crash under the millions of stars? Hiding away from light pollution and waking up in the morning with the sun after sleeping under the stars can reset your circadian rhythm. This will promote a deeper, better night’s sleep and better health.
Camping represents a great opportunity to spend time away from technology. Don’t get me wrong, my music is strapped to my head and my camera is at hand via my phone. I’m referring to your news feeds or social media where you are inundated with negative first world problems. Many places have cell coverage and of course you’re going to want to post images and inspire people as well as cataloguing your adventure for yourself. Make sure you look away. Make sure to bask in the right now. that you thought would be worth sharing. Make sure you’re living.
Its why you’re there.
Being out in nature takes us away from daily urban stresses like traffic, crowds, and endless noise pollution. Being properly prepared is also a prerequisite to being stress free and managing to co-exist with the rest of nature successfully. High stress levels have a negative impact on your immune system. This makes you more susceptible to fungi causing bad breath, body odour and dandruff, vis a vis stress free would represent the opposite. My tongue is a healthy pink all the time when I am away from the cities, so significantly its worth noting here…that’s fungus not growing. I can also chalk this up to spending more time in nature surrounded by trees. This means breathing in more oxygen and less pollution. Your body functions with less strain and the increase in oxygen may also cause your body to release more serotonin. In layman’s terms, a general feeling of well-being encompasses you. Another way to enhance that sensation is proximity to moving water. crashing waves release ions into the air. Those ions will help lighten your mood making life seem easier going.
I recommend staying covered up or in the shade during the hours of 1-3 even on cloudy days, or wearing sunblock (I go so far as to wear a hoodie) to protect yourself from the sun. Like anything, too much is a bad thing. Too much…The sun also lets your body process vitamin d. Vitamin D helps protects against numerous diseases, is important for proper calcium (magnesium and phosphorus) absorption. It may even help ward off some forms of cancer and is popularly used in effective treatments of depression. I’m just saying.
Swimming and walking in the sand will represent alternative opportunities for exercise for your body. Frolicking in the water or fetching firewood, you’ll benefit from these extra activities keeping your heart and lungs healthy. I also drop and give myself random sets of push ups when certain songs come on or it dances through my mind as a whim. I've added a bike, kayak and skipping rope to my gear for fitness and added three minutes of full sit ups to my regular workouts. i am getting older so i need to stay on top of it.
It can also be a fantastic opportunity for you to get close with friends and family: A camping trip can also provide bonding time. Sitting round a campfire and talking are great ways to intimately connect and construct healthy relationships. That’s not really what I’m pushing here.
In return I genuinely believe you will develop a healthy concern for nature. our environment as well. It’s why I believe most people will clean up after themselves.
Shit if you’re just starting out camping, you'll be naïve like I was once. You can expect to work on your problem-solving abilities as well for the first few days…I guess you could say you’re fighting potential Alzheimer’s there by staying mentally stimulated during your learning curve.

I also practice a flexibility routine I call my militant flow (created after years of yoga and the martial arts, I combined various stretches into my own flow). The link is below if you find yourself curious or inspired...I don't care which one.

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