Sleeping Under the Stars Galleries

A collection of Photographs and Videos accumulated over all my years solo camping.


Rock Art

Broken Marble



travelling in the fall I was blown away by the huge amounts of fungi blooming so it's this years theme. some I've tried to identify, but mostly these are just guesses. A huge assortment



While I don’t use the top of the line equipment my phone is always right there by my side and turned on anyway. Over the years I’ve watched hundreds of beautiful sunsets and devoted days to sitting on beaches watching the waves break on the shore line. I’ve crossed paths with animals, who occasionally cooperate for a picture and seen some relatively cool stuff.

Every once in a while I pull my phone out, take a moment out of being there and take a picture. Every now and then I’ve thrown in a video as well. I lost a lot of images over time, or they’re in folders somewhere on my computer. 
I hope you enjoyed the little bits I've found.