If you want to reach out to me for whatever reason, use the contact form at the top. If you'd like to submit a free camping spot you feel might be of interest, or just a beautiful spot to spend a day click on the 'share a new location button' underneath of the contact form.  Not even necessarily in Ontario.

you can help make this a more engaging experience and i am hoping for input and feedback from my visitors. you can help me grow this page into more than it is. Tell me how much you enjoyed your trip. you can also make your own recommendations on how I can improve on it. I would Love to hear from you, and take a peak into your ideas.

enjoy this life...and make the most of it.

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I know I don’t talk to you as much as you’d like, but I’d like to take a moment to count the blessings you’ve piled on me. I’d like to thank you for the boldness you instilled in me to seek out and find my own peace, and those times I needed you to remind me that you were there. That you were really standing right there. I know success isn’t really the best reason for a prayer, but is the same true for hope? Any which way…Here’s my prayer. In exchange, I have little to offer but my companionship, and my conversations. Thank You God.

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