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Little Lake Bog

N 46°11.056’ W 082°49.297’

46.18426 -82.82161


 Just east of Blind River, a turn off into a parking lot right off the TransCanada leads into a short one kilometre hiking trail through a cranberry bog. Walking the trail in the fall, I found incredible amounts of wild mushrooms in such an assortment of shapes sizes and colours I wouldn’t even know where to begin and really really enjoyed my walk. Unlike most of my other locations there is no beach, waterfalls or swimming, but for me it was a wonderful change of pace. The signage informs you that it is an unsupervised area and there are none of those annoying ‘no overnight camping’ signs to be seen anywhere. There’s no one around to see you even if there were, and I’d imagine the drivers on the Trans blowing by don’t even realise it’s there. I’ve never been a forager although I am interested in learning more, but I’d imagine this location would be ideal for roots, mushrooms and obviously, cranberries. A great little spot to pull in for an early evening hike and then spend the night. If the clouds are a little too much for a day at the beach, this might be a great diversion as well. More of a location for hikers than beach lovers, and more a comfortable lay-over for the night than a campsite. That should be completely obvious by the pictures I’ve included. I recommend camping by the gate, and there is ample room for a few vehicles or campers in the parking lot. I didn’t see much else that was suitable walking the trail anyway. The grass round the parking is kept mowed short so even just stretching out in a sleeping bag on a clear night to smoke a joint and watch the stars is a nice stop.

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