N 45°58.735’ W 081°54.940’
45.97891 -81.91566

If you’ve ever overnighted on Manitoulin Island, odds are you stayed on Goat Island. It's where the locals send you if you ask. That’s how I found the two spots I listed on Goat Island…They are functional but not very comfortable camping. Here’s an alternative that’s questionably legal, so I wouldn’t recommend a long stay. You can spend a pretty comfortable night there, though. Just before the Swing Bridge is a parking lot, with a Porta-Potty, adjacent to a field. You can easily drive your car up the trail and park in the shrubs and trees. In 2021 there's a new spot to drive in right at the little current speed limit sign, leads right to the picnic tables. Not only will this let you spread out on the grass comfortably, but there are the picnic tables, trails and plenty of shorelines just a short walk from there. There is even cover if it rains. I’ve met bicyclists using the trail area for overnighting as well, so I’d imagine if you are stealthy, you should have no problems spending a night or two. The worst I've had is people honking at me when they see me light a cigarette. Cheering or blowing my cover, I'll believe the first one. All of this is located behind the Manitoulin information Center. It’s also about a half-hour drive to Bridal Veil Falls, a beautiful place to spend a day and worth the drive.
If you choose to use this spot, I hope, like me, it's nothing but a pleasant spot to stopover. Manitoulin doesn’t seem to have much in the way of Crown Land, but this should suffice…at least as a base to do your own exploring.


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