Boat Launch       

N 46°29'15.2" W 84°29'02.5"

46.487556, -84.484024



N 46°29.464’ W 84°28.920’

46.49106 -84.48201


I’d guarantee neither of these two spots is actually legal for camping at. They are gated and close at 9 pm (Although they were never actually closed when I came by.) They have signs that say visit some web page, but I had zero cellular reception anyway. I camped right there unmolested and in the morning, I was greeted by people walking their dogs…Did I ever mention I adore dogs? On my second night I woke up to a crazy French Micmac with a mohawk who invited me to breakfast at his trailer. (He also toured me around the soo, but those are some of my other spots.) The proximity to Ponts des Chenes Beach was the enticement to stay over. One area is a small boat launch, Ideal for canoes or kayaks as well as the fishing boats…the same could be said for the conservation area. An outhouse and a place to bathe in the morning, a short hop from the airport and the main beach. As usual use at your own risk.


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