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Marks Bay

Boat Launch       

N46°29'15.2" W84°29'02.5" 

46.487556, -84.484024



N 46°29.464’ W 84°28.920’    

46.49106 -84.48201


Sit on the beach and watch the Great Lakes freighters slowly moving down the river smoking a joint on a quiet day can be cathartic. I’d guarantee neither of these two spots is actually legal for camping overnight at. They are supposed to be gated and locked at 9 pm (Although they were never actually closed since I came by later than that both nights). They have signs that say visit some web page for the cautions, but I had zero cellular reception anyway. Is feigning ignorance really going to work for me, I doubt it. I camped right there unmolested and in the morning, I was greeted by people walking their dogs…Did I ever mention I adore dogs? On my second morning I woke up to a crazy French Micmac with a Mohawk strumming his guitar for me and inviting me to breakfast at his trailer. (He also toured me round the Soo later, but those are some of my other spots.) The proximity to Ponts des Chênes Beach was the enticement for me to stay over. One area is an actual small boat launch, ideal for canoes or kayaks as well as the fishing boats…the same could actually be launched from the conservation beach. The entire conservation area is over one hundred hectares, with three kilometres bordering the shoreline of the St. Mary’s river. An outhouse and a place to bath in the morning, its also the first turn after the airport and only a short hop from the pointe des chênes beach. As usual you’re using it at your own risk. If you like fishing, the Ojibwe who resided there primarily had the majority of their livelihood provided by catching the whitefish living in the river. (Bass, Trout, Pike and Salmon are popular too although you have to throw back any dinosaurs of the Sturgeon variety.)


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