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Sandy Beach

N 47°57.348’ W 084°51.219’

47.95580   -84.85365

​It used to be my favourite beach…not just because it’s beautiful and pristine, or the free camping, but because it used to be so welcoming. Located on Michipicoten Bay, Lake Superior, less than a 20-minute drive from Wawa, it’s spectacular. It has washroom facilities located by a Story Telling Pavilion right by the parking lot, I’ve read it a few times now…some local plants, some history and a brief synopsis of the amazing dune restoration process that has apparently returned this beach to a more original state. Paths have been laid through the dunes to discourage people from disrupting the fragile ecosystem. The flora grows right up to the edges of these winding paths. Crazy amounts of mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries within easy reach without having to ever step off. I’ve watched hummingbirds’ flit by and monster sturgeon swim right into the shallows. Unlike most beautiful beaches, the locals are warm and welcoming and actually came out to meet me when I have stayed over. 2020 the beach was so popular that it was overwhelmed and no overnight camping signs were posted. Apparently, it was treated with respect, but the sheer numbers were too much, so they had to post it to save it. Half this beach is crown Land, but the whole beach is generally open for use. In an email exchange with Alex Patterson of the municipality, I was assured that the intention was to re-open it for use this summer, but if it became too popular again it may become permanently posted. I guess it was too popular because it's lost that warm inviting feeling. Unenforceable no camping signs seem to be the new norm. Still crownland, and still free camping, but now you will have to exercise your rights. The white sands are framed on both sides by rocky outcroppings which are typical of Superior…same with the crystal clear icy cold waters the lake is famous for. The beach is so immaculate that a walk of its entire length picking up litter, I got one beer can, one cigarette butt and a child’s ball that had washed up. As I said, pristine. Another great thing about this beach is it only 9 km to magpie Falls and 25 km to Old Woman Bay so the location, while kind of secluded, is still a plus. If you’re travelling through and have time to make the diversion, you’ll probably stay way longer than you intended and I guarantee you’ll never regret the time you spend there.

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