N 46°58.056’ W 084°45.010’

 -84.75028  46.96761


A beautiful established campsite, easy to find because of the Sunset Shores Campground sign you can use as a landmark. Well shaded and tucked away enough to feel secluded the actual campsite is magnificent. Even if you do arrive and the actual site is occupied there is ample space to pitch a tent and create a temporary site without infringing on or crowding the occupants (hopefully, you find a kindred spirit). This location is a mix of three of Lake Superiors landscape types mixing. A sandy beach with larger than fist sized rocks gathered along the shoreline, and some basalt rising slightly out of the waters. No garbage can or washrooms, the area is surprisingly clean every time I am there so I hope you can respect that tradition and carry out whatever garbage your visit creates.

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