Artillery Range

N 47°03.457’ W 084°45.667’

47.05761 -84.76111


Originally, when I found this spot exploring, five years ago, it was a little rougher and hadn’t been posted by the ministry. Last year, camping allowed posted with an admonition about maintenance. A beautiful, and horridly rugged piece of Lake Superiors basalt shoreline, loose rocks and basins are everywhere to explore. Other travellers inform me it was an artillery/anti-aircraft practice range in WWII, and the Sault Ste Marie diving club is always there looking for artifacts while practicing. I’ve been here watching the orange lichens blaze on a sunny day, and swarms of butterflies in a field. There is always someone there but there are numerous established campsites set off down the dirt trails. A dense foliage separates you from the highway as well. I’ve never seen it messy yet, although some people leave ropes and other accoutrements up. I hope that if you do stay over you do your part to help keep it that tidy, if not even better. Like most places the visitors are transient and usually gone the next day.

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