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Stone Campsites

N 47°09.054’ W 084°42.532’ 

47.1509 -84.70886

More Whitefish Bay Free Camping sites in the Montreal River area. It was Stone Campsites or Whitefish Bay II, I went with the other name this time. Years ago, this area was probably a stretch of the TransCanada Highway if I had to guess. The highway was moved over but somehow the stretch of the roadway has remained hidden behind the tree line and been claimed by travellers like us for camping. You can still make out the double white line divider in the middle of the old asphalt. A smaller site and two large campsites overlook another one of Lake Superiors fist sized rock beaches that seem prevalent in the area. Some larger chunks of basalt are also littered about the beach. I’ve never found a mess at these two sites although there were solar lights on the beach and stacked firewood left behind for other people to use. There’s also a sign in board (like a guest book) made of driftwood and signed with messages and hopes from the passing through voyagers. Follow the road further, and there’s even an apple tree. Not the little sour crab apples but full sized sweet apples like someone’s pruned the tree. Tons of berries all spread along the roadside as well. Fucking delicious. There is a very light hearted with a positive creative energy about this place. Almost magical. It looks like people who do stay over really do care and try not to leave too much of a mess, and keep the sites clean. Unfortunately at some point there has been dumping of tires and other waste along other parts of the old road. People can be such arseholes sometimes, and it really makes me wonder. Like always, crisp, clear, sparkling waters of Superior. Cold like your exes’ heart.

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