N 47°09.054’ W 084°42.532’             

47.1509 -84.70886


Another Whitefish Bay Campsite in the Montreal River area. It was Stone Campsites or Whitefish Bay III, I went with a different name this time. A few years ago, there was construction in this area of the highway, if I remember right, and they were storing heavy equipment. The construction moved along but somehow the location has remained and been claimed by travellers like us. Another one of Superiors fist sized rock beaches that seem prevalent in the area, but larger chunks of basalt also litter the area. I’ve never found a mess at these sites, and it looks like people who do stay over take meticulous care not to leave too much of a mark, and keep the sites clean. Like always, crisp, clear, sparkling waters of Superior. Cold like your exes’ heart.

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