N 46°11.443’ W 082°47.949’ 

46.1907 -82.7991


Turn down Highway 538, only a 5.6 km long highway and part of the Great Lakes Trail. A beautiful little out of the way beach, I’ve stopped in a few times now. The actual beach is posted as no camping by the Ministry of Natural Resources. A quick look around and there are lots of places in the immediate vicinity, like a hydro trail right across from the entrance to the beach. It is secluded enough you could camp right out on the beach and no one would be the wiser. If you do get grabbed up and fined, it's on you though, not me.

Clearly, the bay deserved its name during Prohibition. In the 1920s, Algoma Mills was a booming port town. Ships travelling through the North Channel would stop in with coal and coke from the United States, along with their crews. Someone realized there was money to be made, and it soon became the perfect place to deliver cases of alcohol. If the criminals thought it was secluded enough from the authorities...

Its far enough from the beaten path you’ll probably be there alone most of the time. There are enough trees and brush, that even if there were other people around you would still be able to maintain a sense of privacy. Like so much of the Great Lakes shoreline, beautiful

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