N 46°28.390’ W 084°31.088’

46.47316 -84.51813

A little different than all the other beaches on the list, this one is in the heart of sault ste. Marie close to the airport. Michigan is right there and some huge great lake freighters are always coming and going in front of you. This year the Soo kept the park closed for Covid and it was autumn, so it was deserted. I’d pull up to the gate and there’d be three or four other people in the whole park, so I got into some of my heavier elixirs of spiritual enlightenment and took myself down a few rabbit holes there. The miles of beach are laid out with sections divided by loose stone walls that I'd suppose were to stabilize the sands against erosion, but really give you a sense of separation. Like it becomes your own personal piece of beach. Lots of space to enjoy and the area is huge and woven through with paths. Parking is free and there are all the amenities on top of a nice clean beach. You could easily tuck yourself away and camp over its so big, but there’s nowhere to hide your vehicle.

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