Campsite 1

N 46°12.846’ W 081°39.364’          46.21410 -81.65606

Campsite 2

N 46°12.914’ W 081°39.241’            46.21523 -81.6540    

Campsite 3    

N 46°14.448 W 081°35.151’             46.24080 -81.58585

Campsite 4    

N 46°14.436’ W 081°34.771’            46.24060 -81.57951

Campsite 5    

N 46°14.093’ W 081°40.750’          46.23488 -81.67916

Campsite 6    

N 46°14.189’ W 081°41.284’           46.23648 -81.67140

Campsite 7    

N 46°14.348’ W081°41.502'            46.23913 -81.69170

Penage Lake 

N 46°13.807’ W081°40.088’            46.23011 -81.66813

Floating docks 

N 46°14.868’ W 081°43.812’           46.24780 -81.73020

The problem with being a one-man operation is when a power cord breaks there’s no one else to blame. Sorry guys, missing pictures this year. This area is huge and probably contains hundreds of sites spread over miles. From the looks of it, a lot of hunters, some of them left carcasses right at sites so you may want to look around before setting up. More than a few fishermen and a few seasonal squatters. You know, people who stay longer than legally allowed…some of them looked right at home, satellite TV and all. Turning off the TransCanada at the Home Hardware, panache Lake Road, you come to the Black Creek Picnic area, with its twin floating docks (that look like they’d be a great spot to sleepover at, so I clocked them too). This creek is the gatekeeper you might say. Drive further down and you come across a Ministry of Natural Resources sign designating the area for Public Use. I drove around for miles, stopping in to more than a few places. Some were functional, some were spectacular and I probably drove right past a hundred more mixed in among the trees, lakes, lodges and other small businesses ensconced everywhere. These were my favourite seven Locations for Espanola but trust that if you spent a day driving through, you’d probably find even better spots to stay over. Penage Lake, the closest site I found is only fifteen minutes out of Espanola, so it's not like a huge diversion to go look for yourself. It’s a rugged landscape but a diversity of locations makes describing them a little futile. I will say if there are sandy beaches I didn’t find them and they’re not on the shores of the Great Lakes like most of my spots.

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