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Fourth Sands Beach

N 46°11.064’ W 082°54.840’
46.1844 -82.9140

Not very large but a beautiful hidden beach on crown land. The municipality has posted no overnight camping signs in the parking lot. It's your call if you choose to challenge their assumption of ownership, but I love it there. Stayed there four times in 2021 amounting to around three weeks, but that's just me doing my free camping shit. Located a short walk over some railway tracks it’s an idyllic secluded beach with no washrooms and the only garbage cans are in the parking lot (a fair enough distance). The beach is shallow and clear with the white sands you find often on the shores of Lake Huron. One of the best things about this beach is the sand bars, and at night there are some very odd looking nocturnal frogs I couldn't identify. Like so many places, the locals come by in the day and leave messes. So, again, please be prepared to do a little extra and clean up more than you brought. No washroom facilities so bring a shovel or doggy bags. It is located a short distance from Blind River, you do have access to amenities and a Tim Hortons. As a side note there is a large building with two changing rooms you can use as a shelter in severe weather. The first year I was travelling across Canada, I tripped over this beach exploring but I didn’t spend the night. A bear sighting notification had been posted. I’m sure more than one has wandered by while I’ve been sleeping, but I wasn’t going to take chances. (2021, biggest bear I've ever seen casually strolled by, see in the video). The cheapest cigarettes I’ve found are located a short drive past the Mississagi rest area on the south side of the highway. Nearby, Rusty’s Fish and Chips in Blind River is a place I recommend you stop in for a bite. I was told by a friend that it was her favourite memory of Blind River and I can see why after eating there.

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RUSTY'S cafe

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