N 47°57'33.3" W 84°49'40.8"

47.959256, -84.827985


Another one of Ontario's beautiful waterfalls. A short hop from Sandy Beach and Wawa itself, down a really rough road, through fields of blueberries. Though its not legal the picnic area is covered so it’s a great spot for guerrilla camping in a storm, or just hang out on a dreary day. I may or may not have slept on those picnic tables (extra long so quite comfy). Beyond that, it’s A beautiful place to stop in and relax. The falls are spectacular and the trails worth taking. I found such an assortment of fungi, and all the blue berries growing in the surrounding areas make this place a foragers dream. I’ve discovered The Amanita Muscaria, a magic mushroom whos toxin are degraded by completely drying, and creates quite a distinctive trip, growing right on the hiking trail. There is a washroom in the on season as this is quite a popular tourist destination.

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