N 47°47.446’ W 084°53.831’

47.79076 -84.89718


Located inside Lake Superior PP, Old Woman Bay is one of my favourite stops. Named for the silhouette of the face you see looking upwards created by the opposing cliff, The Bay is the outlet for the Old Woman River. I know, limited creativity in someone’s naming of locations, but there’s always people fishing in it. The beach is a mix of sand and small rocks, with some beautiful driftwood creations washed up through it. The beach itself is huge, and I love to do my stretches or a yoga flow on its shores. There’s just something magical about this place that’s drawn me back again and again. If you’re lucky, you might get to watch a storm blow in too…The parking lot sitting over the beach offers a great view. A few times, I’ve woken up the next morning, wound up car camping after putting my seat back to watch the clouds and thunder roll in over the cresting waves. It is a pay per use, and due to theft, this year you have to grab your pass miles away, so I guess I stole myself some freedom and beauty the past two years. Still not fixed, and no regrets. If you're into hiking there are also trails for you to use. Do I really have to reiterate, the water is clear and freezing cold, like any beach on Superior?

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