N 47°26.625’ W 084°44.988’

47.44375 -84.7498


One of the things about travelling is asking other people their favourite places, and then seeking them out. These often blossom into something cool. Apparently a very popular place, I swung by on a cooler day and had it to myself. I’d stopped in at Katherines Cove previously, but a conversation with a mother and daughter at a laundromat made me interested in looking more. Personally I’ve clocked a few places in Lake Superior PP, but this one, like Old woman Bay, I can share with everyone. I really thought it was worth the stop and hike and would recommend it. Note there is a path that has you hiking less, but apparently they crack down on pulled over vehicles just to discourage the behaviour and hiking through the sensitive dune area. Take the walk from the Cove parking lot. A shallow walk out from the shore the water drops right off past the island. The bowls of shallow water apparently warm up nicely in the summer, but I missed that, of course.

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