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Serpent River Rapids

N 46°12.602’ W 082°30.918’

46.21003 -82.51530

I found this rest area dawdling along on my very first trip across Canada. I stopped here to smoke a joint, and it was a sweltering day. A family of locals was in the rapids swimming. I never would have guessed it was safe for swimming. A mother letting her children play in it was a great indicator, I mean there is nothing like maternal protectiveness. Swimming against those currents is a great workout as well, you’re never going to win. This stretch of the river is teeming with small wildlife to see every time I'm there, and people are frequently fishing off the rocks. I’m not going to lie; I got a nibble at best when I tried, but I'm a novice to fishing. There are washrooms in the rest area and picnic tables strewn round. Really, the rounded rock sloping into the water, that’s where I spend all of my time relaxing. It really does make this a beautiful stop. There is also a nice little foot path following the water, for hiking if you enjoy that stuff. I do, and there really is so much to see there you won’t get bored. It’s about a mile, if I had to guess. I’m usually stopping in a few times a year that’s how much I enjoy it personally. It is posted as no overnight camping, but most rest areas are. I pulled out a sleeping bag and tarp beside my car, and spent a night there during Covid. Quiet uneventful night camping right in the cul de sac but I’ll just leave this on my places to visit list. There are always other travelers here, so no, you won’t have it to yourself. Located right at the Highway 17 Serpent River bridge.

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2023 the MNR posted serpent river as no overnight camping, the big guns. That didn't stop me and two other groups of campers from staying over. If you look straight across the highway there is what looks like a workers access with mowed grass and plenty of room to camp over. I was also reminded why I travel alone, listening to petty bickering.

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