N 46°12.602’ W 082°30.918’

46.21003 -82.51530

I found this rest area dawdling along on my very first trip across Canada. I stopped here, and it was a sweltering day. A family of locals was in swimming. I knew it was safe to swim in the rapids, or I never would have guessed. A mother letting her children swim in it was a great indicator. Swimming in those rapids is a great workout as well.Lots of small wildlife to see every time I'm there, and people are frequently fishing off the rocks. Not going to lie, I got a nibble at best, but I'm new to fishing. There are washrooms in the rest area and picnic tables. Really it's the rounded rock sloping into the water, thats where I spend all of my time, that make this a beautiful stop. There is also a nice little foot path for hiking if you enjoy that stuff. I do. I’m usually stopping in a few times a year that’s how much I enjoy it personally. It is posted as no overnight camping, but most rest areas are.

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