N 47°56'21.1" W 84°49'41.7"

47.939200, -84.828250


To open, I want to apologise for the video quality on the hiking trail, but I am one man, so only one person to blame.
Not as popular or busy as Chippewa or Magpie Falls this is, nevertheless, a great set of falls to visit. The Silver Falls and larger Dog Falls are further down the hiking trail. I’ll be straightforward until I looked at a map I thought the multiple sets of falls on the hike were all part of the same set of steps. Controlled by a power generation station the river itself is subject to rapid risings so obviously be cautious and ready to head for high ground. The hiking trail that follows the Kaministiquia River is a little on the difficult side, but well worth it and in the Fall the mushroom populations are ridiculously abundant…freaking crazy even. A great spot to get high and while away an afternoon putting up my inuksuks and day dreaming.

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