N 47°04.098’ W 084°44.509’

47.06830 -84.74181


A solitary established camping site located just off the highway. It's frequently used and full of hopes and wishes of other travellers painted onto rocks. There is, as well, as an assortment of alcohol bottles, etc. Unfortunately, people often leave messes here and I’ve even come across a completely equipped campsite with rotting food and all. When I find these, I relay them to bylaw enforcement. A safe guess is it was someone who got caught unexpectedly in one of the famous Lake Superior storms Gordon Lightfoot sang about. The beach isn’t very big and its one of those covered in fist size rocks, and the sparkling water is freezing on the warmest of days. Something about this site makes it special for me though, like all the warmth and happiness that’s gone on there still lingers on this spot.

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