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Tunnel Lake

N 46.47687° W 83.37772°

46° 28.6122'  -83° 22.6632'


I couldn't help but be captivated by the sheer beauty of this free camping site. Surrounded by lush foliage and hills, the site opens up to reveal a picturesque view of the lake that is nothing short of magnificent. The moment I set my eyes on the tranquil waters glistening in the sunlight along the shores, it was evident that I'd stumbled upon a a tucked away beauty.

The campsite itself is a testament to the cares of its denizens. Two huge trees stand at its center, adorned with solar lights that provide a welcoming ambience during the night. The landscaping efforts are evident, with well-maintained layout and well-thought-out arrangement. It's not just beautiful; it's also expansive, offering ample space for campers to spread out and enjoy their own slice of paradise.

During my stay, I noticed a firewood box and some skids left behind by previous campers. It's these small, thoughtful touches that make this campsite feel like a welcoming space away from home.

The only down side from my perspective, was it wasn't very appealing as a swimming spot...that really matters to me.

Now, onto the cautionary note: There were tire tracks everywhere and no one else seemed to have an issue, because you could plainly see where pick-ups had pulled full sized trailers in and out. Not my Dodge Caravan, CAA had to come rescue me from the bottom of the hill. I’d made it all the way to the top but then lost momentum…

It was a head ache; however, my matrix would have made it easily and my friend Mohamad’s Toyota Tacoma pick-up did it with no problems. He plans on bringing the whole family to stay there for a few nights.


So, while this campsite is a paradise for many, it's essential to consider your vehicle's suitability for the terrain. As for me, I'll forever cherish and laugh at the memory of that one-time adventure.

Beyond the campsite itself, there's an element of mystery in the surrounding woods. While exploring the area above the campsite, I stumbled upon an abandoned ATV. It was a curious find, and I couldn't help but wonder whether it was truly derelict or if someone intended to return for it. To this day, I remain uncertain about its fate, a lingering enigma amidst the tranquility of the woods. Schrodïngers ATV..?

As for recreational activities, the lake, although stunning, may not be ideal for swimmers due to its shallow waters. However, it provides the perfect setting for kayaking or canoeing. I had brought along my trusty little boat, although I never got the chance to launch it. My attempt at fishing was equally fruitless, with not even a nibble to show for my efforts.

In conclusion, my experience at this campsite was a captivating blend of nature's beauty, and an adventure/cautionary tale. The mesmerizing lake, meticulous campsite, and intriguing discoveries in the woods paint a picture of tranquility and weirdness. However, travelers should be mindful of the terrain and their vehicle's capabilities. Despite my own minor mishap, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this campsite to fellow nature enthusiasts. It's a place where memories can be made, stories will be woven, and the call of the wild answered.

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