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N 44°37'52" W 081°16'16"

44.6311 -81.2711

Sauble Beach is named for the french word 'sable' or sand and is literally seven and a half miles of soft white sand and beautiful to see. The second-longest freshwater beach in the world, the water is clear and shallow for miles, like most of Lake Huron's beaches. Sand dunes and sandbars are everywhere. That’s a shit ton of really nice sand. You don't want to be bothered during the actual summer season. No free parking anywhere, and huge signs full of rules that are only applicable by the season. No Dogs allowed, only vile heathens don’t like dogs. Also, I’ve met a few busybodies during the open season, so count on being mildly harassed about those rules even when you’re not breaking them. Don’t let them get under your skin as un-Canadian as they sound policing ‘their’ beach. Twenty-something year old me would have loved the party atmosphere and been bothered by them, so I say to each their own. But, now I prefer the quiet beauty of the waves on the sands (and dogs) over the throngs of people. There are a number of campsites in the area for regular campers. No way you're guerrilla camping. Then, come Labor day weekend it all goes away and Sauble beach becomes absolutely magical by contrast. Like night and day. I parked my tent right between two rows of bushes and trees right on the edge of the beach last autumn. It wasn’t my original plan, but Covid restrictions trapped me on the Bruce Peninsula overnight when I went to take the Chicheemaun ferry to Manitoulin. They even put big green bags over the restrictive signs full of rules and the parking meters so even the parking is free after that. Free is always better and, as far as I’m concerned, that's when you should visit. You could call it a love-hate relationship. Check out the nearby Sauble Falls Provincial Park as well if you get the chance. The park is also free after October 30. On top of the beautiful fall colours of Ontario, you can watch and cheer for the fish. The falls are a sanctuary but you can see the teeming salmon and trout jumping up the steps to spawn. It’s not a very large set of falls but it is a great picnic area. There are other small beaches in the area, like Oliphant Beach, pictured here as well and Inverhuron about half an hour away. I’ve actually explored and hung out all over that neck of the woods, but sometimes I just forget to create content. Watching the sunset, white, white sand between your toes, waves at your ankles and a dog by your side. It’s easy to forget to be responsible. It slips away like the drying sands on your back... Enjoy your life the way it is always meant to be enjoyed. During the off-season, when all that freedom is free. (no 2021 update)​

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