N 45°36'47" W 076°00'36"

45.6130, -76.0100

(lac philipe)

A place i just love so i threw it in here. A stop on the Quebec side, just a short drive from the nations capital. Its definitely worth visiting for a day, in the off season when the day use is free and there are less regulations. During the busy season you're instructed to swim inside the buoys, waist deep to me so... I've been camping here since childhood and enjoy taking my kayak between the three beaches on Lac Philipe. I'm not even sure where to start, the trails, the water, the scenery... Its a must see in my opinion though its completely outside Ontario it is on the Trans Canada. A visit to the nearby town of Wakefield is also a 'must be recommended' as well. The entire park is huge at over 300 km so I've narrowed it down to Lac Philipe.

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