Batchawana Bay

N 46° 56.246' W 084° 32.166'

46.93743 -84.53610

Batchawana island

N 46° 53.488' W 084° 35.161'

46.89146 -84.58601

A strip of crown land rests just between the Batchawana Provincial Park and a piece of private property on the point. On some maps, it shows the highway right up to the edge of the lake. It's not, there is a beautiful long beach that continues between those two properties. That’s how I found it. There is a very clear line of delineation created by the Park Sign.

The sand is soft and the water is beautiful, the only disadvantage is proximity to the highway, but you’d have the same problem in the park next door. Not to worry, most of it is drowned out by the white noise of the waves crashing on the sands.

This was the site my first week-long camping site, that’s how much I enjoyed this location. I’ve returned every year since.

Also, note that the local families often visit and leave little messes so be prepared to do a little bit more and clean up more than what you bring.
I included Batchawana Island in this because if you’re going to paddle out, there is nowhere better to park your car than Crown Land. It's privately owned and for sale apparently, but completely undeveloped. No roads, no buildings, no docks. It’s only a short paddle over and huge, fifty-two hundred acres. There is a huge beach you can see from satellite images on the far side and a sandhill crane rookery. Moose and Bear share this island with you so observe the same precautions you would on shore. There were paw prints all over the beach, but I haven't seen them yet. I’ve whiled away hours wandering around the shores, but barely scratched the surface its so massive.

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