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Places to stop along the Great Lakes in Ontario

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Glysophate. Is Bayer Killing People and Roundup Poisoning the Planet?

Note, that my page isn’t political but I feel strongly enough about the impact on my lifestyle and the health of nature that I love…So, Ontario has gotten smart and banned glysophate for personal and cosmetic use (Pesticides Act, RSO 1990, c P. 11, as amended by the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act, 2008, S.O. 2008, c. 11 – Bill 64), but continues to treat 52,000 hectares plus a year for the forestry industry. Over 100,000 kgs dumped on the water table and almost half of all glysophate was used on public lands all across Canada.

poison whimas symbol overlaid with the word glysophte

What if I told you that was just an estimate. What if the real numbers are now as unavailable as the safety study from the 70's that made glysophate a marketable product. Other sources have estimates of over 500,000 hectares being treated, and you would think in the name of transparency a democratic country like Canada would have information about such a hot-button topic readily available? It may be a carcinogen but the government has still allowed it to contaminate almost a third of our food stuffs. When you contemplate things like this, do they not look at the mass suicides actually brought on by farmers who discovered a new dependence on the Monsanto products…after using over 148 tonnes of glyphosate in India. I know there was a drought too, but you seriously don’t believe finding out you couldn’t grow another crop, or seepage from a neighbour’s farm didn’t impact that…or even better, that there’s a chance the corporations were attempting monopoly. If you doubt that motivation look at Monsanto’s attempt to sue for intellectual property or the generous giving of the seeds…to be sold the next year. This led to a huge uptick in cotton farmers committing suicide (But, but, but the drought and climate change?). In spite of being aware of the uncertainty of the classification of glyphosate in our courts? We have to remember these are the same government who still allow fluoride to be added to water in spite of the proof of no significant benefit. They add chemical waste to our water, because that’s what fluoride is (sodium fluorosilicate). If you don’t believe that, Vancouver hasn’t added fluoride since 1990 and still sports equivalent dental health in its population as Toronto. Fluoride has topical benefits to the teeth, sure applied as tooth paste, but systemic…there are no benefits from ingesting a toxic chemical, like any the salts of fluorosilicic acid. -Higher doses are UNSAFE and can weaken bones and ligaments, and cause muscle weakness and nervous system problems. High doses of fluoride in children before their permanent teeth come through the gums can cause tooth discolouration. -Web MD The herbicide is internationally classified as "slightly hazardous." The WHO's cancer research agency says it is "probably carcinogenic to humans" based on "limited" evidence in humans and "sufficient" evidence in experimental animals. US juries have recently imposed damages on Bayer agreed to settle the lawsuits for over $10 billion, but admitted no harm and is appealing the court orders. The Environment Protection Agency has not banned the product. The EU has approved its use til December 2022. Yet The Registration Committee said it is banned in 20 countries citing Sustainable Pulse, a group opposed to chemical agriculture and GM crop technology. Ironically Ontario itself has a 500 million dollar law suit against Bayer for failing to notify the public of the dangers of....wait.......I'm not even kidding, but you know, that's this year. Meanwhile, health Canada says it poses no threat to human health?

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