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Places to stop along the Great Lakes in Ontario

  • Writer's pictureRyan Clark

What I Hope to Achieve with this Page About Camping

What my long-term goals entail. I want to encourage people to meet other cultures and communities from inside of our province, because yes, like our country, it’s a tapestry. An assortment of peoples. Travelling while camping, you meet these individual little microcosms.

‘Ontario’s Crown land represents 87% of the province. It provides opportunities for economic development, tourism and recreation.’- Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Campfire, sun coming through the trees.
Campfire in the Woods

No Destination, Ryans camping Blog

I’d like to engage with communities like Algoma and serpent river trying to encourage their participation and investment. Placement of delineated paths, waste receptacles outhouses and signage will help maintain the pristine state of our northern shorelines. The occasional Barbecue might be wise as well, since even a fire ban doesn’t prevent anyone from lighting a fire for heat and food. Necessities by law. Signs ‘no fires, no alcohol, no tents after 9:30 am’ to discourage people from taking over the beaches during the summer. I’d mull ‘no large RVs overnight’ as well. They never lack a place to stop for the night anyway, but I’d let that rest with individual councils.

I think it’s a mistake to treat travellers like pests, but I visit places like fourth sands. The council and bylaw have posted no overnight camping signs in the parking lot…but the actual beach is crown land. Technically they are appropriating it from the tax payer. I suspect its illegal, but at the very least a trespassing would never stick. But to the casual traveller trying to maintain his role in society his rights are as good as stolen from him?

I want to take the beauty that’s already there and package it in such a way as to entice people to explore and exercise their rights. I want to take natures beauty and have it used the way it was meant to be, by the citizens of our beautiful country and its guests.

Encouraging people to spend more of their time (and money) in Ontario, helping improve the economies in small communities along the Trans Canada. More Ontario Tourism moneys would remain in Ontario.

Think about the carbon footprint not created when people don’t travel abroad. Of course, a car leaves its own footprint on the way in and the way out, but its negligible by comparison to flying.

To travel like I describe is also cheap, so financially it’s in the price range of citizens like myself, on a restricted income. The added stressors of living under those restrictions obviously have an impact on mental and vis a vis, physical health. I am of the firm belief their rights to have these issues addressed are equal to any wealthy persons need to unwind. I also opine, OHIP costs will be lowered by relief of anxieties, etc. (benefits to outdoors, camping, health, etc.)

Currently, I have an Accumulation of 4 years’ worth of media. This includes Photos, videos and thousands of written words. I’ve also developed my Logo. Maps and/or GPS locations and descriptions of most places I will include as well. This includes, not just Crown land, but also must see, and to be seen places of interest.

I’ve Reinvested any moneys I had/have for my company into this project/web page for the past three years as well, and that’s also why I am proposing and hoping that this grows into a joint venture between the government of Ontario and me.

I also included a contact and submissions page, to help people, but also to encourage participation and recommendations from participants.

Social media shares also need to be addressed as they have a huge impact on SEO as well as being used as forms of free advertising to reach a large audience.

Audience diversity…niches

• Tax Payers

• Adventurers

• Risk takers

• Artists

• Health nuts

• Spiritualists

• Naturalists

• Poorer urban residents

Hiring an assistant to help with documentation, photos, filming and research. (also, my chronic injuries, this will allow me to have someone to lean on for support, or even lifesaving if they should act up at an inopportune time.)

Improved equipment and capacity so more crown land becomes useable, exportable and cataloguable.

Generate and improve analytics to post advertising and self-fund. (google ads, etc.)

Create a product that will entice corporate sponsorships (e.g., solar panels, tents, cameras, vehicles) so I won’t need future government funding/support to continue to grow.

A new slightly larger vehicle for more equipment and support on site.

-eventually, an interactive map, shared with municipalities and travellers showing opportunities and closures.


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